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 Tips on WarFare

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PostSubject: Tips on WarFare   Tips on WarFare Icon_minitimeWed Jan 11, 2012 10:12 pm

Is there a problem with warring other clans?
Need advice on tanking with 1 Defence and 1 Pray?
I've been pking for a long time, and i can help you with these problems with simple rules:

1.Pile the calls the Leader or 2 or more people are calling to pile
Trying to attack people at random will NOT help at all, you might as well 1 on 1 people, except its 1 vs 50...

2.Do NOT USE multi-target spells unless your clan is away from the area, use only when the other clan is grouped together
This is very important as it can end up killing your own teammate.

3.Limit your familiars. Using High level familiars will help only when there is less than 5 people, it could get too hard to pile and attack
If you are Pro. enough, you could try to use a familiar in a war.

4.Helpful equipment:

1.Saradomin brew + Restore potion/Rocktail
This will help you tank any Barragers or if you are getting piled as it increases your Hp by 100 over your Maximum Hp.

2.Ring of recoil/Vengance
The ring of recoil will help deal small damage than can lead to a kill when piling.
If you have someone that can Vengance us, this will really help, barragers can be killed after 1 hits or 2

3.Pheonix Necklaxe
This necklace could be a bit pricy, but having one will really help during a war or rush( you are being rushed)
The necklace heals you if you are under 10% of your Hp.

4.Stay with a clan cape!
Unless you have permission to use any "Ava" device or God Cape, stick with your clan cape.
This will give us more respect as a clan and will help you not get piled by your own clanamates, even though they should look on the

5.Stay on the cheap but effective side
If you are low on money, but you can afford things to Pk with use it, this is called "Welfare Gear"
Do not use too much welfare gear as it can make you look REALLY N00BY!!

Do not run away from a war! If you are risking 1m+, wich i have no idea why you should, or you are the last one at a war,
except clan wars because it's hard to escape from there.
1.Bring an Amulet of glory to save room
2.Logout if you can
3.Bring Pheonix Necklaces or Ring of Lifes
4.If you have prayer, try to use protect from magic so it can help being Teleblocked
The more people to help fight, the more effecient chance of winning it.
Teleporting could also end up getting your Teammates killed.

You should always check who is leading, make sure a Ranked person is leading
You might end up getting lured.
Respect them as they are the ones getting killed first.

I hope this guide will help you become a better pker, this is what i have learned over my time of Multi-Pking, If you like this, comment and if you want a 1 on 1 Pking guide, comment on that too =)
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PostSubject: Re: Tips on WarFare   Tips on WarFare Icon_minitimeWed Jan 11, 2012 10:29 pm


Nice Guide man.

Some other food eating tacticts are Pineapple pizza - Shark. its fast and heals good

Also when we war. Run along when u are maging. =D

iDrake Jr affraid
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PostSubject: Re: Tips on WarFare   Tips on WarFare Icon_minitimeWed Jan 11, 2012 10:45 pm

Awnsome guide!

Tips on WarFare Tw_elmer_siggy_copy
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PostSubject: Re: Tips on WarFare   Tips on WarFare Icon_minitime

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Tips on WarFare
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