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 Summoning Help (Pikkenmix)

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PostSubject: Summoning Help (Pikkenmix)   Summoning Help (Pikkenmix) Icon_minitimeSun Jan 15, 2012 5:16 pm

To start the skill of Summoning you must finish the quest Wolf Whistle.


How do i get charms?

Well what you don't want to do is go to Soul wars and get charms as a reward from there..

This is one of the best methods to get charms because it is fast, but somewhat expensive

Monsters to kill: *Always wear a Ring of Wealth to increase your chance of getting charms*
Gold charms:
Hellhounds: 65% RoW 72%
Rock Crabs: 11% RoW 15%
Mummies or Goblins: 14% Row 20%

Green charms:
Any dragons range from 10%-48% or 14%-56% (RoW)
The stronger the Dragons, the higher chance
Ranges from Green Dragons-King Black dragon (Includes Chromatic Dragons)

Crimson charms:
Greater demons 26%-32%
Cockroach soldier 28%-34%
Waterfiends 79%-86% *Can be found in the Chaos tunnels, No cannons can be used*

Waterfiends 8%-11%
Not many low level monsters to kill that drop Blue charms....
*Corporal beast
*Tormented demons

Pouch Running:
What pouches to make/What to wear

Recommended: Beast of Burden/Boots of lightenness/Falador teleports

From 1-16 (You are boosted to Level 4 Summoning) Use the 200 gold charms you get as a reward from finishing the quest
and make Dreadfoul pouches

From 16-28 make Granite crab pouches

28-33 make Compost mounds

33-40 make Beaver pouches

40-46 make Bull Ant pouches

46-52 make Pyrelord pouches

52-61 make Bloated leech pouches

At 57 Summoning, you can Kyatt Pouch Run. You use your Kyatt Familiar to teleport to an Obelisk and make pouches from there.
You can teleport to Castle Wars with a Ring of Dueling to bank

61-69 make Spirit Kyatt pouches

69-74 make Fruit bat pouches

74-79 make Granite lobster pouches

This guide will end at 79 Summoning because it is the minimum to summon either a Fire, Moss, or Ice titan


Familiarism is the Distractions and Diversions that can reward you with up to 40 minutes of 3x charms

You can start by talking to Pikkenmix, who is spread all around Runescape.

He can be found in only 1 Small Obelisk each week, as you can only do the D+D each week.

The main idea is simple: collect raw shards

*When you have found Pikkenmix, you may enter the Familiar plane and you will be transformed into a Familiar

*You move around to collect up to 60 raw shards

*You must avoid any opposite Familiars (Top of you screen) or else you will lose mental focus and will have to leave the Plane


Shards and Charms

Triple charms-up to 40 minutes if collected all 60 charms (40 Seconds each raw shard you collect)

I will post the locations of Pikkenmix each week *Will be updated every Saturday*

Hope this guide has helped you with summoning. Surprised

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Summoning Help (Pikkenmix)
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