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 [TW]&Ds Vs FP Vs POP

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PostSubject: [TW]&Ds Vs FP Vs POP   Wed Feb 08, 2012 3:10 pm

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PostSubject: Re: [TW]&Ds Vs FP Vs POP   Sun Feb 12, 2012 3:18 am

You just had to die?

At first, we were owning like mad, i kept chinning them and then Dbowed and killed a 66

Then out of nowhere a 90's clan showed up and killed me, i was of course, the first target

I couldnt run and tanked for 10 seconds, then i died

In your video, the part where you see a Dark bow and Red chinchompa was my drop

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[TW]&Ds Vs FP Vs POP
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